Personalized Direct-Mail Catalogs for Black-Owned DTC Brands Participation Agreement

Participation Agreement

Next up we'll hop on a kickoff call, sign the participation agreement, and extract your product/customer data to get started.

Participation Agreement Black-Owned TC Brand Catalog Accelerator consent form.


This Participation Agreement outlines the terms for [DTC Brand Name] to take part in the Black-Owned DTC Brand Catalog Accelerator program from, Inc.


  •, Inc. will collaborate with [Brand] to design a custom print catalog
  • Services include concept development, creative direction, production, printing and mailing
  • [DTC Brand Name] will provide necessary brand assets, product info, customer data
  • Program runs 2-6 weeks culminating in a printed catalog mailing


  •, Inc. commits to delivering services with high quality and timely completion
  • [DTC Brand Name] will provide requested info and materials promptly to enable progress
  • Both parties commit to regular communication and feedback


  • Each party agrees to keep sensitive information shared confidential
  • Customer data will only be used to enable personalization


  • This agreement covers the duration of the Catalog Accelerator program
  • Either party may terminate the agreement with 14 days written notice /li>
Please sign below to indicate agreement to the above terms. We look forward to our partnership!


Please sign below to indicate agreement to the above terms. We look forward to our partnership!
By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I've read the Participation Agreement terms explained above.
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